Cellular FM radio ads shown to drive pregressive store traffic

Mobile Radio spots provides an average of twenty two percent lift in incremental shop traffic and up to 32 % lift for specific categories, based on data out Thursday from stereo attribution company Dial Report using the Radio Advertising Bureau.

The study looked at 10 brands throughout four categories, analyzing a total of just one. 5 million radio spots which were exposed to 107, 000 FM smart phone listeners. AdIDs were then combined to location data provided by Fault. The report examined store-traffic raise for the automotive, home improvement, beauty plus quick service restaurants (QSR) classes.

Why you should care

Attributing store traffic to stereo or any broadcast medium has always been challenging. Typical digital attribution techniques can offer useful data on where, whenever and how an individual consumes mobile stereo, but there’ s no way in order to directly tie it store trips. Marketers have yearned for a method to do this for years.

Yet by comparing store traffic upon days that ads ran in order to days when they didn’ t, Call Report was able to provide a link between spots and in-store visits, providing marketers a way to justify their advertisement spends and forecast for the future.

Other companies are also ramping upward their quest for radio attribution options. Just this week, publisher  iHeartMedia, programmatic radio platform Jelli and location-based discovery service Foursquare announced the particular launch of a new broadcast stereo attribution product.

A lot more from the study

  • Day of the week has an influence. Ads playing on Saturday displaying a 39 percent lift, implemented closely by Wednesday at thirty-five percent.
  • Not surprisingly, period also makes a difference. Weekends from six am to 7 pm demonstrated a 28 percent lift, whilst weekend day overnights only handled 14 percent.
  • File format also matters. The report discovered that ads playing on Top forty stations brought in a 29 raise while hip hop showed only a good 8 percent bump.
  • Though the category/brand sample size had been small, lift did range broadly across categories — from four percent for a home improvement retailer in order to 45 percent for an automotive corporation.

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Robin Kurzer started the girl career as a daily newspaper media reporter in Milford, Connecticut. She after that made her mark on the marketing and marketing world in Chi town at agencies such as Tribal DDB and Razorfish, creating award-winning work with many major brands. For the past seven many years, she’ s worked as a freelancer writer and communications professional throughout a variety of business sectors.

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