Exactly why we updated Marketing Land’s publication (and why we think you’ll really like it)

Subscribers to our everyday newsletters noticed last week a spectacular change in the content we e-mail to our audience  daily. For us, this represents a shift in the way you are approaching  the medium, that is becoming more crowded than ever as press brands, marketers and your reply-all-abusing friend all compete for precious interest in your inbox.

For all of us, it all came down to approaching our news letters with the same goal we keep for all of our editorial products: To generate great content. So that’ t what we’ re doing, getting off the more traditional RSS-style, headline listing format to one that tells a tale from start to finish and continues you informed whether or not you instantly click through to our website (gasp! ).

Of course , we’ ve got to give credit in order to Quartz, Morning Brew, The Skimm and others whose highly successful  news letters have shown us all why email is definitely king when you’ ve obtained great content driven  by tone of voice, authority and age-old storytelling. Yet we’ ve added our own sparkle to the approach with Marketing Land’ s new daily brief.

What’ s in it?

In addition to our daily summarize of the news and features released by Marketing Land that makes upward our daily intro, our publication also includes sections that emphasize best practices and opinions from our local community and other bits of info that we is only going to publish in these newsletters. They consist of:

Pro Suggestion – A daily nugget of tactical info or sage advice sourced from our roster associated with regular community contributors.

The Soapbox – We’ re giving you a hundred and fifty words to gripe, celebrate, alert, etc .   Only appearing within our newsletter. Email walmeida@thirddoormedia. com in order to stand on the soapbox.

Social/Video/Retail/Mobile Shorts – A daily section of news, records, updates or just digital marketing eccentricities spotted in the wild and associated with one of these topics. Only  found in the particular newsletter.

Indications – A quick overview of data digital marketers needs to be paying attention to. Once again, only found in the particular newsletter (sense a pattern? ). Got data to share? Email editors@marketingland. com to be included.

Chatter – Highlights what digital marketers are usually talking about in forums, at activities or in epic social media strings.

Dream job opportunities – Not your own average job board. If we observe one of those jobs listed that we understand any digital marketer would hop on, we’ ll make sure we talk about it in this newsletter-only section.

On the move – Big promotions, hires plus deals in marketing. Email editors@marketingland. com if you have a tip. Plus, yes, it’ s a newsletter-only feature.

And there’ s more. We’ ll make use of occasional sections to update a person on our MarTech , SMX and SMX Advanced banner events, tip you away from to great webinars and whitened papers that we are producing, plus resurface killer content from our collection.

So please perform check it out by subscribing below.

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We realize  that digital internet marketers are busy professionals, so we make sure the time you spend with Advertising Land is valuable and, first and foremost, helpful to you in your professions. We’ re packing a lot into your publication to live up to that promise.

Keep us honest, although. If we’ re missing some thing, let us know. Email me any time at hpowderly@thirddoormedia. com and let me know how we’ re doing.

Regarding the Author

Henry Powderly can be vice president of content designed for Third Door Media, publishers associated with Search Engine Land, Marketing Land plus MarTech Today. With more than a decade within editorial leadership positions, he is accountable for content strategy and event development for the organization.

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