Marketers can now use CPM bidding to purchase Quora ads

Quora offers added impression-based bidding to the ad platform.

Quora advertisers can now use CPM (cost per thousand impressions) putting in a bid to buy advertising. The question and solution platform introduced the new feature Wednesday.

Why you should care

Impressions-based bidding opens up Quora to advertisers whose primary objective is reach and awareness instead of direct performance.

With the addition of CPM bidding, advertisers have three different ways to buy ads upon Quora ads. Advertisers can also purchase ads on a CPC (cost-per-click) time frame or use Quora’ s automatic target CPA (cost per action) bidding for conversion-optimized campaigns.

“ For performance-based marketers, ” Quora says, “ We all recommend testing CPM bidding along with cost per click (CPC) and Conversion Enhanced Campaigns you might already be working on Quora if you want to increase your achieve. ”

More about this news

  • Quora continues to be steadily moving out enhancements in order to its ad platform since releasing in 2017.
  • Previously this month, the company introduced Quora QuickStart to help advertisers set up advertisements on the platform.
  • Quora claims an audience associated with more than  300 million month-to-month unique visitors, rivaling Twitter plus Pinterest.

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