Received it done: how to overcome common backlink blockers

I’ ve mentioned it before, and I’ lmost all probably continue to say it later on: Link building is hard.

Particularly, content-driven link building is hard because you’ re hoping the idea and delivery you’ ve come up with is sufficiently strong to attract links.

You may think you have the best idea on earth, executed in a stunning way using a great design, but if the person at the other end of your outreach e-mail doesn’ t agree, your content may fail in spectacular style.

While hard, executing an excellent link-building campaign is not impossible. Nowadays I want to talk about ways to identify plus overcome what I call “ blockers, ” which are issues or circumstances that can stop you from obtaining things done. You can be the best company in the world, but if you can’ capital t get things done, it’ ersus not going to count for anything.

Minimize loss

At my agency, we don’ big t lose many clients, but it does take place. That’ s part of agency lifetime. We try to minimize our failures as much as possible, but there are always going to become times when things don’ t workout. Sometimes you could have prevented it, occasionally there is nothing you could have done differently in order to save the project. So while I’ m not going to claim to know all of the answers , I do want to share what I’ ve experienced to be the most common link-building blockers.

I am furthermore going to share an example of a project we dropped because we didn’ t perform a good job of identifying and conquering the blockers I talk about beneath.

The principles beneath could easily apply to most varieties of projects, not just link building or seo (SEO) but general marketing tasks, too. From experience, I’ ve found the blockers outlined to become most prevalent and “ offer breakers” on content-driven link-building tasks.

For the sake of clarity, the particular link-building project mentioned here had been content-driven and used items like instructions, white papers and infographics in order to attract links.

Recognize link-building blockers early

Every single project has things that interfere with doing the job. It’ s important to discover what these “ blockers” are as quickly as possible. You’ ll still encounter unexpected blockers, but when it comes to link building, there are some common blockers  that you should always inquire about when you start a project.

The particular content-driven link-building process will be somewhat different for every agency or customer, but generally, it will include the following wide steps:

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About The Author

Paddy is the co-founder of Aira , an electronic digital marketing agency based in Milton Keynes in the UK. He has been working in SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION since around 2004 when he or she got bored studying for their Law degree and decided to construct websites and learn to make money through Adsense. He now runs Aira who specializes in SEO, PPC plus content-led link building campaigns, working with customers or all shapes and sizes around the world.

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